from then to now

Frame of Mind Ink is the name you see now, but it wasn’t always the name of the company. In 2005, President and CEO, Tsombawi Knibye, Jr., founded the company and named it Liteskin Music, Inc. The company was an independent Gospel/Christian record label that was named to reflect the CEO as a “light-skinned” African American. The name remained until 2010 and was renamed Judah First Music, Inc. The company still remained an independent Gospel/Christian record label but then added two new entities along the way. These included a publishing company, CAJAK Publishing, and a production company, Neebya Productions


CAJAK Publishing was responsible for the ownership of all original music written by its CEO and other writers affiliated with it, as well as the music recorded and produced in the studio for its artist. Neebya Productions was responsible for all video productions such as short films, commercial advertisements, voice-overs, producer oversight and more. All three names were given to these entities for very specific reasons. Judah First Music derived from a biblical perspective on the Tribe of Judah, mainly the name Judah, meaning “praise” (unto God). CAJAK were the initials given by Knibye and his wife of their, yet to be born, children, in the attempts of creating a legacy for them to inherit. Neebya Productions is an enunciation of the last name, Knibye (nee-by-ya). He felt it just looked “cooler and would be much easier to say.”


In the summer of 2016, we wanted to do something new and different. We wanted to do something involving apparel but adding different elements to it to create an experience to the clothing itself. After months of thinking, writing, and discussions with his wife and other trusted individuals, they decided to name the brand new company Frame of Mind Ink. Thus the apparel was born, but CAJAK Publishing and Neebya Productions were still their own entities under Frame of Mind Ink as the parent company. After a few months of gathering insight from our networks, we decided to rename the entire organization, including the publishing and production companies, Frame of Mind Ink, Inc. With the dissolution of the record label, angel investors and finances from their own pockets, Frame of Mind Ink launched its first official online store in June 2017! As a result of the merger, CAJAK Publishing became FofM Music and Neebya Productions became FofM Studios.